Masterpiece “Stonestar” by Peer Anderson

Looking back, my masterpiece was an experiment. At first I was not sure if this fragile, acute-angled shape made of stone could be done. In mind, I originally had a classic stonework, with a reasonable level of difficulty. My mentor, however, was not satisfied with any of my designs and fueled my ambition.
The shape of the star tetrahedron fascinated me from early on. Although this structure has a simple, regular geometry, it is difficult to grasp and, depending on the viewing angle, seems almost strange.
The star tetrahedron is an eight-rayed star and is created by the reflection of two point-symmetric tetrahedra. The vertices of the body describe a cube, while the intersection of the two tetrahedra represents an octahedron. The tetrahedron belongs to the family of Platonic solids, which are characterized by the fact that their side surfaces form regular polygons which are congruent to each other.

Masterpiece „Through thick and thin“ by Momo J. Anderson

With this work I wanted to reach the limits of the material. How filigree is stone malleable?
How do different surfaces work together? Starting models and sketches were tapes, which deformed in different variations. The result was this endless band …

Material: Tano Diorite
Dimensions: 0.70 m x 0.30 m x 0.30 m
Machining: polished inner surface, cushioned outer surface