Peer Anderson

Stone is a fantastic building material. Even the Seven Wonders of the World were made of this durable mass. It survives centuries like no other.

In this busy and ever faster moving world this consistency has something very reassuring about it. Working on the stone has a decelerating effect.

Looking at a Gothic cathedral, one can only admire the resilience of the stone. It is surprising how technical and amazing the stone craftmanship was more than seven hundred years ago. Stone is closely interwoven with the history of humanity.

Starting with carvings in caves to Michelangelo’s sculptures, stone has always been the favourite material of sculptors. Stone reliefs, thousand of years old, still allow us today to investigate the way of life of long-forgotten cultures.

All this has fascinated me as a young person. After thirty years of being a stonemason, this wondrous material inspires me again and again.

Momo J. Anderson

There is nothing good, unless you do it.

This phrase has been with me since my youth, and runs like a thread throughout my life.

Coming from a family of craftsmen, I knew I want to do the traditional journeyman years and explore Germany and the world. This time was very formative, because the travels expanded my horizon on view on things.

The southern German area has always been my home base. Here I’ve acquired the master title as well as the state-certified designer specializing in stone. In addition, I completed the qualification as a height worker according to FISAT Level I.